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I am now in my seventh year of teaching English as a second language. Over these past seven years I have mastered the language and honed my teaching techniques while teaching students of all ages (from 2 years old to 80 years old). I have also gained experience teaching TOIEC, Eiken, and IELTS.


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- professional english instructor -

I spent three years living in the Noto of Ishikawa prefecture, in the little fishing village of Anamizu. I taught English to elementary and Jr. high school students. Here I learned with and from my students about the culture and the natural beauty of Japan. My experience in this remote part of Ishikawa prefecture (through the Japanese Exchange and Teaching (JET) program) insured a lifelong love affair with the country of Japan.

I have traveled to and lived in more than twenty countries all over the world. I was born in the heart of America and have spent significant time in the countries of Chile, France, Italy, Germany and, of course, Japan. I have studied the languages and cultures of all these countries, but my focus has always been the English language. I have graduated with a BA in English from Colorado State University and a MA in English from Freie Universität Berlin.

Years of English Teaching Experience

J.E.T. Program participant

Japanese Resident


- professional eNGLISH LESSONS ONLINE -

Learning English is not just about grammar and vocabulary but about widening your world and crossing cultural boundaries. Learning English is about communication. English is spoken as the first language in over fifty countries and is used worldwide for travel and trade. Think of the books, the news, the movies, the music that has been made in English! There are billions of ways to utilize your English once it has been learned.

But English is not learned in a day. Nor is it learned one day out of the week. A foreign language must be visited regularly in order for it to implant itself on the brain. This is why the more you study, the more I discount the cost. I don’t want you to just study English; I want you to speak it.

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One-On-One Lessons

50 min. 3,000
25 min. 1,500

Face-to-Face Study

Grammar, Eiken, TOEIC, IELTS
50 min. private 3,000
50 min. pair 3,000
50 min. S- group (3-4 people) 2,500
50 min. L- group (4-6 people) 2,000

LINE Conversation

One-On-One Lessons

50 min. 2,500
20 min. 1,000




50 min. Private  + 50 min. Skype = 5,500/ week (Normal price 6,000)
50 min. Private  + 25 min. Skype = 4,250/ week (Normal price 4,500)

50 min. S-group + 50 min. LINE Conversation = 4,500/ week (Normal price 5,000)
50 min. L-group + 25 min LINE Conversation = 3,750/ week (Normal price 4,000)

50 min. Private + 50 min. Skype + 50 min. Line Conversation = 7,500/ week (Normal price 8,500)

* If you have come the two weeks prior to a holiday your classes will still be discounted even if you miss a class because of the holiday.




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